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Choose From A Variety Of Conversion-Driven "LeadsNow" Types.

Packed With Features For You To Play With!

Design / Customization


Choose from a wide variety of LeadGrab themes and designs. Each design can be fully customized with your own color scheme and fonts to compliment or stand-out from the web page your visitors are on.

  • Custom Position:

    Pick where you want your LeadGrab to display on the page.

  • Custom URLs

    Create a custom display URL that is branded for your domain. (white-label upgrade version only)

  • Custom Shortlinks

    Add shortened, trackable links on your LeadGrab to make your links clean and professional.


Add each visitor who engages with your LeadGrab to retargeting platform like Facebook, Google, Fetchback, Adroll and more. Create hyper-targeted custom audiences and ads relevant to each LeadGrab created.

Viral Sharing

Add social sharing options onto any of your LeadGrabs to encourage sharing and engagement on popular social sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Create a pre-populated message, that can help to control what people are sharing about your LeadGrab.

All You Do Is...Copy, Paste, Create, Share!

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One Time Payment Only

get access now for only $200 $97
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

So, How Does LeadsNow Revolutionize
Your Marketing Funnel?

Less time creating content, higher quality traffic and clicks, detailed metrics

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